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Positive Athlete Regional Award Winner: Courtney Baron

Positive Athlete Regional Award Winner: Courtney Baron

(Franklin, GA) — A senior Heard County sports medicine team aid was recognized last week for her hard work, dedication and attitude by the by Positive Athlete Georgia, a subsidiary of Celebrate Positive LLC, which promotes the benefits of positivity to young athletes around the world.

The organization is led by Hines Ward, former Forest Park High School, University of Georgia and Pittsburgh Steelers football star who formed Positive Athlete with local businessman Scott Pederson.

Courtney Baron, who works with Brave athletic teams throughout the school year, was selected as the Most Positive Manager in the West Georgia Region after being nominated by Heard High CTAE Teacher and Trainer Megan Anthony.

“I think sports medicine student aids get overlooked a lot but are very important to any athletic team,” says Anthony. “Courtney doesn’t normally get any awards or newspaper articles written about her but instead makes sure that our athletes have everything they need to win awards and look good or newspaper articles.”

Positive Athlete winner Courtney Baron

Anthony says that Courtney will be difficult to replace next school year.

“The absolute best part about Courtney is that she does all of this without complaining, with a smile on her face, and without needing constant reminders. She helped start this sports medicine program and without her it wouldn’t be the same,” adds the team trainer.

Courtney was surprised by the award and excited to be recognized for her contributions.

“Being recognized with this award is a huge honor that I will cherish. It shows to myself as well as others that with hard work and dedication you can accomplish things that others see as a difficult task,” she says. “I honestly can say that I did not think that I would be chosen for this award because I was a manager and not an actual athlete, but others saw differently and I am grateful they did.”

After graduation, she plans to attend college and receive her under-grad degree in exercise science before attending PT school in order to obtain her Doctor degree in Physical Therapy. Courtney hopes to work within the community to help others heal from the inside out. Afterwards, she plans to start a family.

Courtney is most grateful to Megan not just for the award nomination, but for being a great mentor during her high school years.

“Meg has played a huge role in my life. Upon working with her, I realized how much I loved helping others get better and I loved being part of a team that comes together for the greater good. She influenced me in a huge way over the last three years to pursue a career in the health program. When I found out she nominated me for this award I was and still am so very honored and humbled,” Courtney says.

‘No words can thank her enough for all that she has done for me in so many ways. She has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and it has helped me tremendously” adds the senior award winner. “The last three years with her have taught me that when the going gets tough it’s time to lace up my Nike’s and get to work. The words thank you will never be enough for all that Meg has done.”