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Staples Stadium Press Box Team honored with Program Dedication

(Franklin, GA) — Each year, the Heard County Football Media Guide selects out one special person or group to honor and to dedicate the upcoming football season to.

It is an annual tradition that has allowed Heard County High School to say thank you for the hard work and support of many well-deserving people.

The 2019 dedication took place prior to an early season game and honored the four guys who work in the press box each Friday night in Franklin — Mr. Don Heard, Mr. Alan Summerlin, Mr. Denny Rogers, and Mr. Lee Boone.

The following was read at the game as the four were recognized on the field at Staples Stadium:

As you look around Staples Stadium on a given Friday night during the fall, it seems as though every aspect of the field has evolved over the years. However, the one consistent element that has endured for decades is something you can’t actually see.

The ‘Voice of the Braves’ is more than one man. It’s one voice that represents a team. A true, loyal team that has bled maroon and gray for decades. This voice represents a dependable, consistent team of four which began its service in 1983. 

Back before some of us were born, these Musketeers met up in a ratty ole press box and commenced to overhaul the experience we now have come to know as “Friday Nights in Franklin.”

The duties of this team are bountiful and suffice to say they have been doing a fantastic job every step of the way. The most amazing part is that they volunteer for our team with NO compensation for their time and efforts. They do it for the love of Heard County and out of sheer dedication to Brave Nation.

These Stooges have volunteered and devoted their Friday nights for more than thirty years.  This team, Don Heard, Denney Rogers, Alan Summerlin, and Lee Boone, works together like a fine-tuned machine to make your fan experience here one of the best in the state.  

Thanks to these fine gentlemen for their countless hours of service.

Heard County appreciates the time and the energy and the personality that has flowed from the speakers of Staples Stadium to the ears of steadfast fans.

From the goose eggs to the championships, the “Voice of the Braves” has echoed and will continue to resonate throughout iconic Staples Stadium. This Press Box Crew will remain forever etched in the hearts and minds of all of us.

Thank you again for your devotion to our community and the Brave Nation.